Running leads to foot issues

Keeping in physical shape has always been important to me.

I’ve always made time to exercise and made a point of keeping active.

When I was younger, I had plenty of time to devote to my workouts. I maintained a gym membership and usually spent a couple hours there, five days per week. After I had my kids, my schedule became more hectic. I no longer had the opportunity to drive to the gym. I started running because it was easier and more convenient. The only equipment I needed was a pair of sneakers. As long as someone was around to watch the kids, I could take off on a run and get a good workout. It’s a quick way to burn a lot of calories. Running works the whole body and elevates the heart rate. I rapidly increased stamina, distance and pace. Unfortunately, I made the mistake in running in an old pair of sneakers. These shoes lacked necessary support and I developed plantar fasciitis. It felt as if the bottoms of my feet were tearing open. It got so painful that I had trouble walking and sleeping through the night. I was finally forced to see a podiatrist who provided inserts for my shoes. He recommended that I ice my feet, rest them and take ibuprofen for the pain. He said that if I took better care of my feet and purchased the proper footwear, I should be able to run again. After several months of avoiding impact on my feet, I am now running again. I am more careful to change up my workouts now. If I run one day, I either ride my bike, swim or lift weights the following day.
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