Proper hydration is crucial

At my childhood home, we didn’t have access to town water.

We had a well on our property and the water was extremely hard.

It was overrun with rust, lime and calcium and smelled really terrible. The water was even discolored and didn’t taste very good. At that time, bottled water wasn’t commonly available. My mother never would have considered paying money for water. Our choice was to either drink the hard water or milk. Because of this, both my brother and I got in the habit of drinking very little of anything. As adults, we’ve both had issues with dehydration. It’s not unusual for me to suffer from severe headaches, nausea and even chills. I’ve passed out several times and had to lie down in the middle of the day due to the severe symptoms. I’ve finally taught myself to drink water while I workout. I workout every morning without fail. I spend an hour stretching, lifting weights, jumping rope, running in place and doing a bunch of squats, lunges and ab crunches. I bring two bottles of water with me when I work out and make sure to drink them both. I typically change the type of exercise I’m doing after each song that plays. After every song, I now take several swallows of water. Although that might be the only water I drink for the entire day, it’s better than nothing. Since I sweat profusely throughout the workout, the water is definitely necessary. I’ve noticed that when I drink plenty of water, I have a more productive day. I feel more energetic and healthy. I am less likely to come down with a headache or have stomach issues. I am convinced that even my skin and hair are healthier.

Personal Fitness Trainer