Professional HVAC attention for air ducts saves in the long run

When I saw a bit of dust ball float down from the air duct vent, I was quite curious.

Examining it, I noted that it was indeed a sort of grimey hunk of dust.

The fact that it came out of the HVAC duct was a bit more alarming. However, it was just the sort of kick in the pants that I needed in order to pull the trigger on ductwork cleaning. I had put off getting the air ducts cleaned for a very long time. It wasn’t anything more than an out of sight out mind sort of thing really. I knew that the HVAC air ducts needed to be cleaned, it’s just that I never actually got around to calling the HVAC company to get the thing done. But a hunk of dust and yick falling out of the air duct vent will help you pick up a phone. When the HVAC crew came out they were so careful to not mess up the house as they went about the ductwork cleaning. I didn’t realize though that the big part of the job was the ductwork resealing. And I also didn’t know that ductwork resealing can add an average of 25 percent more efficiency to overall HVAC output. This was a very happy surprise and now I feel like a total genius for having witnessed the dust ball that started it all. It’s so nice to have the air ducts squeaky clean and even better knowing that I’ll be seeing some real saving on the HVAC cooling this summer.

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