Personal trainer helps with rehabilitation after injury from falling on the ice

A couple years ago, I slipped and fell on the ice.

It was during a winter blizzard, when the outside conditions were just horrible.

I was rushing to get inside the house after work. Because it was already dark, I didn’t notice the black ice on the driveway until it was too late. My feet slipped out from under me and I fell badly. I hit my head against the car, twisted my ankle and broke a wrist. I also managed to mess up my knee. Despite physical rehabilitation and prescription medication, I lived with constant pain. My doctor suggested surgery on my knee, but I was reluctant. I knew that after surgery, the knee would never be quite as strong again. I hoped to find a less invasive and more constructive alternative. A friend of mine recommended working with a personal trainer. I had my doubts but was willing to try anything. At the initial consultation, the trainer and I simply discussed my concerns and goals. He talked a lot about total body wellness and the importance of including proper diet and sleep habits with regular exercise. He helped me to develop a meal plan that is far more nutritious than the way I was eating. This plan includes a great deal of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins, while avoiding saturated fats and processed sugars. I also meet with the personal trainer three times per week for hour long sessions. The training is extremely intense and strenuous. He combines all sorts of strength building exercises with those targeted at aerobics and flexibility. I’ve gradually increased my ability to include high impact aerobics. My entire body is much stronger and more toned. I have a lot more endurance now, and there’s very little pain in my knee. I still wear a support brace on the knee, but I’m hoping to get rid of that in the near future.

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