Personal trainer guides recovery following car accident

About five years ago, I was involved in a car crash.

The driver went through a red light & drove into the driver’s side of my vehicle.

My car was totalled & the jaws of life were needed to get me free of the wreckage. I suffered a collapsed lung, broken bones, a concussion and some nasty cuts and bruises. I went through three separate surgeries and had a pin put into my hip. After a lengthy hospital stay, I participated in a great deal of physical rehabilitation. I was fortunate that the insurance was willing to pay for everything. After all the rehabilitation, I still suffered from constant pain. I couldn’t get through the day without painkillers and found it impossible to sleep through the night. I couldn’t return to my job. I finally did some research online, checking out potential therapies and hoping for improvement. I discovered an article about the merits of a personal trainer & regular exercise. I was interested in the idea of pursuing something with long term benefits rather than side-effects. The physical trainer took into consideration all of my aches, pains & concerns. He and I established a prospective timeline for reaching my goals. Although the training sessions are severely intense, demanding & downright painful at times, I’ve noticed significant improvement. I’ve increased my core strength, balance, flexibility & endurance. The pain has steadily decreased & I’ve been able to stop taking prescription medication. I went back to work within six months & have managed a full recovery. I plan to continue sessions with the personal trainer in the future. I finally feel better than ever & hope to set and reach more challenging accomplishments.

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