Personal trainer breaks through fitness plateau

He combines strength training & cardio exercises

My whole family is on the heavy side. They all deal with weight programs. While growing up, potato chips, ice cream, pop, donuts & fast food were a regular part of my diet. My family never ate fresh fruits or vegetables. My mother fried most of our food in butter & covered it in cheese. There were lots of pasta and potatoes. We spent a lot of time sitting around watching television and playing video games. I was never told to go outside and play or encouraged to be physically active in any way. Because I was chubby throughout my school years, I was shy & had no confidence. I was anxious to lose weight but had no idea how to manage it. I finally enrolled at a gym when I headed off to college. I saw some benefits from my training sessions. I dropped a significant amount of weight & felt healthier and better about myself. However, I reached a plateau & couldn’t realize any further success. I was still not at my goal weight & unsatisfied with my appearance. I decided that I needed professional assistance & finally signed up with a personal trainer. This made all the difference for me. The personal trainer focused on both physical & mental wellness, centering around nutrition & requiring me to set firm goals. He made me accountable for achieving those goals. I got measured & weighed prior to each session and we recorded the results. This was motivational. The intensity of the workouts was effective. There’s no way I would ever have pushed myself that hard. He urged me to work harder, longer, faster & wouldn’t let me quit. The personal trainer also provides all sorts of new & varied workouts to challenge me. He combines strength training & cardio exercises. We concentrate on all the different muscles, & I’m always spent at the end of a session. However, I’ve steadily lost weight, built muscle & improved the shape of my body.

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