Moving out

I am about 2 weeks away from moving out of the house I have been renting for the last 3 years.

And let me tell you I am not sad to be going! This house was a horrible place and all run down.

I just was stuck here because it was close to where I work. But now that my job has relocated me across town I am free to move! Even though this house was a dump to begin with, in order to get my rental deposit back I need to make sure the place is as clean as can be. So I hired a professional deep cleaning service to come in yesterday and spend the whole day deep cleaning this dump. I have to say that even after the professional deep cleaning service was done, it still looks like a dump! Just a clean dump now. This should be more than enough to get my rental deposit back because of the fabulous job the professional deep cleaning service did in this place. It is actually even cleaner and nicer looking than it was when I first moved in! I really have to hand it to this professional deep cleaning service. They did a bang up job for sure! If the property owner does not give me my deposit back I will have to take legal action because this place is literally spotless and I am leaving it in slightly better condition than it was when I moved in. And again, this is all thanks to the professional deep cleaning service!


Standard Cleaning

My new gig

I am so happy about this new job I just got.

It’s working for an hourly cleaning service.

This means that I make an hourly wage plus 20 percent of whatever the cost of the customer’s cleaning bill is. You just can not beat that! It’s actually the best hourly cleaning service around in this city. They have some other cleaning services but nothing like these folks. They really look out for the employees and make sure that we are all paid right based on the amount of work we do throughout a week and sometimes even within a month. I found this hourly cleaning service hiring through an ad in the local newspaper. This was not a job you would have found online on the internet anywhere. They advertised exclusively to this local news paper. When you find jobs like this, it doesn’t matter what field you’re in…just take it if you want to make some extra money! If you are a professional cleaner as I am, I highly suggest looking for an hourly cleaning service in your own local area that may have openings at this time for new hires. I tried for years to get a gig like this for this pay and it was tough. But now I finally did it with this hourly cleaning service and I couldn’t be much happier with it all! You may laugh at me for taking so much pride in a cleaning service. But after all, we all need to have our personal or office spaces deep cleaned from time to time.


House Cleaning

Assisting my friend

My friend works as an independent contractor and runs his own deep cleaning service.

This cleaning service of his handles deep cleanings for all kinds of places.

He does house cleaning, office cleaning services as well as offers a maid service too for local hotels and motels. Or, if a general resident just needs a maid instead of a deep cleaning service, my friend can provide that to them as well. He was short handed the other week and asked me if I could come and help with a few of the deep cleaning service jobs he had. The pay he offered me was pretty decent for being such a filthy job. I was in the market for some extra cash, so I took it. I have to say that the job was very hard! One would think that cleaning is basic. This is not the case at all. There are so many factors to take in when thinking about and knowing about what a real deep cleaning service goes through just to ensure you get the most one hundred and ten percent quality service you are paying for. There are never any excuses as to why the deep cleaning service did not perform its job right. My friend offers free redos of any deep cleaning service purchased if the customer is not happy with the initial results. It has been a very rare thing that my friend ever had to make good on that offer. But a few times he got some pretty stuck up people that he thinks were just trying to scam him to get free service.

Restroom Cleaning Services

Cleaning up the office

Let’s face it, when you run a busy office you never have the time or think about getting it cleaned! This is me totally.

I am the manager of this big office building in the city, and it is my job to keep everything going.

This includes any deep cleaning services or general maid services that may need to be hired to keep the place clean. It’s about that time where I need a cleaning service in here to touch up the place. I’ll need office cleaning services, restroom cleaning services and I also need to renew the contract the company has with the trash removal services as well. As you can tell, it is quite a busy job trying to keep up with all of this kind of stuff and manage an office of over 40 employees just in my section alone. I have to say that I am pretty grateful for the wonderful office cleaning companies that exist in the local area. Back where I used to live before my job relocated me to the manager of this office, there were only 2 office cleaning services in town and they were very hard to get an appointment with. You had to schedule your office cleaning services at least a month in advance! No right on the moment scheduling as I do these days at this office. This is no longer as rough of a task as it used to be thanks to the choice of 5 different office cleaning services in the area.



Professional Cleaning Services

Been a while and need help

My house has not been cleaned in lord knows how long.

  • And it has got pretty bad! The air quality is horrible as a result and something needs to be done.

Sadly, this is beyond my doing cause of how bad it is. I am going to need to hire a maid service or some kind of cleaning service to get this deep house cleaning done! A maid service could possibly be the cheapest option to me at the moment. I know other professional cleaning services can run hundreds of dollars. A maid service however to do a deep cleaning of this house could be only a few hundred bucks. That is kind of what i’m looking for at this point. Some maid services offer deep cleaning services, but finding the right maid services that offer deep cleaning services is going to be quite a major task to tell you the truth! But this is what the internet is for of course. I will have to do some serious research on maid services that offer deep cleaning services within my price budget. Which right now the most I could possibly spare on something like this is around three hundred dollars tops. No more than that or I could risk not having enough money to pay all my bills and other survival needs throughout the month. Being on a tight budget makes it rough to have to hire deep cleaning services. This is why once I do finally get this done i will be keeping up on my house cleaning a lot more!


Personal trainer guides recovery following car accident

About five years ago, I was involved in a car crash.

The driver went through a red light & drove into the driver’s side of my vehicle.

My car was totalled & the jaws of life were needed to get me free of the wreckage. I suffered a collapsed lung, broken bones, a concussion and some nasty cuts and bruises. I went through three separate surgeries and had a pin put into my hip. After a lengthy hospital stay, I participated in a great deal of physical rehabilitation. I was fortunate that the insurance was willing to pay for everything. After all the rehabilitation, I still suffered from constant pain. I couldn’t get through the day without painkillers and found it impossible to sleep through the night. I couldn’t return to my job. I finally did some research online, checking out potential therapies and hoping for improvement. I discovered an article about the merits of a personal trainer & regular exercise. I was interested in the idea of pursuing something with long term benefits rather than side-effects. The physical trainer took into consideration all of my aches, pains & concerns. He and I established a prospective timeline for reaching my goals. Although the training sessions are severely intense, demanding & downright painful at times, I’ve noticed significant improvement. I’ve increased my core strength, balance, flexibility & endurance. The pain has steadily decreased & I’ve been able to stop taking prescription medication. I went back to work within six months & have managed a full recovery. I plan to continue sessions with the personal trainer in the future. I finally feel better than ever & hope to set and reach more challenging accomplishments.

Group Physical Training Classes

Better way of life after divorce

My wife & I were only married for a year before we got divorced.

  • Our separation was angry, nasy & expensive.

Over the course of that single year, my wife completely wrecked my confidence. I allowed her to dictate way too much about my lifestyle. I gave up my friends & switched to a job that I didn’t even like. I wasn’t quite sure how to make positive changes to get back on track. I felt depressed & defeated. A coworker of mine recommended that I look into a gym membership. He said that physical improvements would help me feel better all around. I figured I’d have the opportunity to meet people at the gym. It sounded like a good strategy, so I signed up & paid for a full membership. I took part in every group fitness class available & went to the gym every evening after work for multiple hours. I realized that getting my heart pumping & taking my body to its limits felt great. I started getting stronger & healthier. I set goals & accomplished them. I dropped weight, built muscles & increased my endurance & flexibility. I have become friends with a whole new circle of people through the gym. They are interested in the same life habits of exercise, good nutrition & a positive outlook. They’ve invited me to join them in activities outside of the gym. I now spend my weekends camping, running marathons, rock climbing, taking hikes, kayaking & cycling. I feel happier and look better than I ever have. I’ve changed jobs and started dating again.


Local gym

Personal trainer breaks through fitness plateau

He combines strength training & cardio exercises

My whole family is on the heavy side. They all deal with weight programs. While growing up, potato chips, ice cream, pop, donuts & fast food were a regular part of my diet. My family never ate fresh fruits or vegetables. My mother fried most of our food in butter & covered it in cheese. There were lots of pasta and potatoes. We spent a lot of time sitting around watching television and playing video games. I was never told to go outside and play or encouraged to be physically active in any way. Because I was chubby throughout my school years, I was shy & had no confidence. I was anxious to lose weight but had no idea how to manage it. I finally enrolled at a gym when I headed off to college. I saw some benefits from my training sessions. I dropped a significant amount of weight & felt healthier and better about myself. However, I reached a plateau & couldn’t realize any further success. I was still not at my goal weight & unsatisfied with my appearance. I decided that I needed professional assistance & finally signed up with a personal trainer. This made all the difference for me. The personal trainer focused on both physical & mental wellness, centering around nutrition & requiring me to set firm goals. He made me accountable for achieving those goals. I got measured & weighed prior to each session and we recorded the results. This was motivational. The intensity of the workouts was effective. There’s no way I would ever have pushed myself that hard. He urged me to work harder, longer, faster & wouldn’t let me quit. The personal trainer also provides all sorts of new & varied workouts to challenge me. He combines strength training & cardio exercises. We concentrate on all the different muscles, & I’m always spent at the end of a session. However, I’ve steadily lost weight, built muscle & improved the shape of my body.

Personal Fitness Programs

Losing weight and getting in shape before wedding ceremony

Once my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I had a year to lose some weight for the ceremony.

  • I was determined to look beautiful and fit for the ceremony, photographs & honeymoon.

I also wanted to improve my quality of life through healthier habits. I attempted getting fit on my own & it didn’t go so good. I chose the wrong type of sneakers for a long run & neglected to properly warm up my muscles before I headed out. I suffered a leg cramp & ended up with such painful blisters that I missed two days of work. I then tried a series of workout videos. Failing to consider the amount of square footage required to manage the numerous exercises, I bumped the table, bruised my thigh & broke a rather expensive statue. My next strategy was signing up at a local gym. The membership fee was expensive, and I didn’t get much out of it. I was intimidated by the crowds of people there & wasn’t sure how to properly utilize the machines. While at the gym, I read a flyer promoting the services of a personal trainer. The personal trainer has been the reason behind my success. He worked with me to alter my eating habits & create a structured workout program. By the date of my wedding, I’d gotten down to my goal weight & increased the tone of my muscles. I felt super good about myself and I’ve continued to work with the personal trainer twice per week ever since. I’ve steadily achieved new fitness goals & gained strength and energy. Working out is now a habit & it offers benefits that cross-over into every part of life.


Steam rooms

Getting in better shape helps with depression

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve suffered from fits of depression.

I’ve tried all sorts of therapy & I’ve taken prescription medication.

I’ve had some success with therapy but was unwilling to suffer the harmful and long-term consequences of prescription drugs. I’ve also tried my share of home remedies from herbal teas to cannabis edibles. A little over two years ago, my older brother decided that getting more fitness active was the solution to my issues. I was sort of skeptical because I’d never enjoyed any type of physical endeavor or sports. I ran track in middle school for a little while & hated it. I tried to join the basketball team but didn’t make it through the first round of cuts. My brother was so optimistic that I agreed to try working out. He signed us up with a personal trainer who was able to meet with us three times per week at a local gym. For the initial consultation, we just talked about what my brother and I hoped to gain from the training. We discussed our physical & mental state, nutrition, weight loss & our long-range goals. The personal trainer explained that a nutritious meal plan is equally vital to well-being as a strong & physically fit body. He worked with us to develop a nutritious meal plan & insisted we eliminate all fast & pre-packaged food, saturated fat and sugary drinks . When we started on the exercise program, I was surprised by the intensity. Every session included a lot of stretching, flexibility & balance training. The workout combined weight lifting, cardio exercises, static holds, lunges & various abdominal crunches. While I always got sweaty, winded & sore, I felt fantastic afterward. I was anxious to attend our next session. Working out with the personal trainer has been life changing and has reduced my issues with depression.
Local gym