HVAC contractor made all the difference

It was really interesting to try my hand at design.

While I have a fairly creative brain, I am not very good when it comes to putting it down on paper.

Or in this case, a computer program. However, with my wife’s help, we started doing just that with house plans. This began a few years ago and is part of a lager plan. Instead of coming home and putting my feet up in the HVAC, we would start thinking about our first house and what we wanted. Our plan was to build a home that suited our needs now that our family was all raised. It was a great experience. While not architecturally perfect, the computer allowed us to do just about everything. We could place the HVAC where we wanted it and do the bathrooms the way we envisioned. It was a great tool to take to the architect. The actual building of the house was far tougher. Thankfully, we had some really great sub contractors who really rounded out the job. The HVAC contractor was really great. It didn’t take being around this person for more than 10 minutes to know that he was the guy for us. We were able to relay all of our heating & cooling ideas to him and he just ran with it. The choosing of the actual HVAC unit was made so simple with his guidance. Now, we are enjoying all the benefits of all that effort. We love our new house for sure. However, the HVAC is absolutely perfect and we owe all that to the HVAC contractor.

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I have always loved chilly conditions

While I am okay with doing all of this in the other seasons, autumn has always felt so special to me.

There is a reason autumn is my favorite season. It is the perfect balance between cold and warm. It’s nice and chilly without the need to bundle up in a bunch of layers of clothes. I especially love stormy days, when the sky is overcast when the smell of rain and leaves in the breezes. With a nice autumn background and a bunch of orange, yellow and red leaves to jump on, that’s why I love autumn so much. Because of this, whenever it’s fall, I turn my A/C and heater off completely. The outside feels so good, I see no need to turn them on. I will happily open my windows and let the natural outside air fill my home. Then later in the day I will take a long walk, and just enjoy nature. Listening to the birds and bugs chirp, and sometimes to just stop and admire the sky’s beauty. I like to stop and just enjoy the moment, sometimes sit down with plants and enjoy nature’s beauty. While I am okay with doing all of this in the other seasons, autumn has always felt so special to me. Because of this, in all of the other seasons, when I turn on my HVAC unit again, I purposely mimic the temperatures of fall. Although the outside temperatures will still influence my HVAC system, I try to make it as close to fall would be as possible. With a smart thermostat and a good quality A/C, as well as a few fans, I can get pretty close to how fall feels. But nothing beats the real thing.


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I need heating and cooling in my workplace

I currently work at a place that loves to cut corners.

This drives me utterly crazy.

I strongly believe in quality first, but where I work thinks otherwise. My workplace would do this to their own customers, and it disgusted me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I badly relied on a paycheck I would have quit years ago. Anyways, most of the crap they did never affected me, that is, until their HVAC system failed one day, and my frugal boss didn’t bother to replace it. I didn’t realize how much going without any kind of cooling could drive a person crazy. The first day was bothersome, but not that much, but after that, it only became worse. I guess it’s because I originally expected them to fix their heating and cooling unit, but as the days drew on, I began to lose hope. I complained to my coworkers about getting through each sweaty day, and they agreed that it was awful. We together decided to complain to our boss, who of course, dismissed us without even replying. Like I said before, I can’t leave because I would probably be homeless if I did, but man did it come to mind several times. It got to the point that I brought one of those small transportable A/C units, not like one of the mini split ductless A/C, but one that is handheld. It obviously didn’t work nearly as well as your regular cooling unit, but it was enough to get me through the weeks. I really can’t wait to quit this job and get a normal job with a normal heater and A/C.

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I found the reason why I couldn't sleep

I have a lot of learning to do on sleep apparently. A lot of people would ask, what learning is there when it comes to sleeping? You lay down in a bed and fall asleep. If only it were that simple. My entire life I’ve had nothing but issues when it comes to sleeping. One of my issues is that I have to have certain requirements for me to go to sleep. Like it must be dark in my room, but not too dark, there needs to be a small light source. I also need some source of sound as well, like a fan. I also need to lay in a bed, not a couch, not on the floor, nothing else, otherwise I won’t be able to go to sleep. Last, I need a pillow and a cover to go to sleep, otherwise my body won’t realize it’s time to go to sleep, and the cover needs to cover my feet, or I won’t be able to go to sleep as well. On top of all that, I also have sleep apnea, so I have plenty of breathing issues in the middle of the night. While I knew all of this, I never took time to properly educate myself on how to sleep better, but that has changed as of recently. I found out that my HVAC unit could actually impact how I sleep at night. I actually recently changed my HVAC system, and my sleep has gotten worse. As soon as I changed my A/C back the way it was, I was able to sleep slightly better each night. I now keep my cooling unit on most of the night, as it helps me go to sleep, and not wake up from being too hot.


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My brother and I are too similar

My brother and I have always been eerily similar, so much so, that our mother likes to joke that we are secretly twins.

We are not, as my brother is older than me by 3 years.

Even still, my brother and I are similar on pretty much everything, whether it be looks, interests and even personality. We both have green eyes and short medium brown hair, the only difference really is that he is more muscular and I am lean, and that he is a couple inches taller than me. Our interests are virtually the same, which is video games and sports. Probably one of our weirdest similarities though, is the HVAC system, we didn’t discover this though until we moved out. When we had moved out for the first time, we were discussing who would pay the bills, do the household chores and whatnot, when the topic of HVAC came up. We both agreed that 76 degrees is a good temperature, and that we would take turns taking care of the heating and cooling unit. I would go ahead and take care of changing the A/C filter out, but next time he would be the one scheduling for a HVAC tech to come out for HVAC maintenance. Since then, we’ve haven’t had any fights or anything over the HVAC device. After that, then we will move on to HVAC duct cleaning and so on. In fact, we have been discussing getting a new A/C model, and we have already agreed on a few. I love the fact that my brother and I are so similar, it makes making decisions so much easier.

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The last job of the day goes abruptly

I was dreading the last job of the day on Monday, because it was an A/C upgrade; Those jobs can take several or many hours as well as I didn’t know what to expect.

That job was tied up to start at 12, but I didn’t arrive until almost 2, i got stuck working on an air filtration problem at the aquatic Center as well as it took most of the afternoon to complete the repair. I expected to spend all afternoon as well as most of the night working on the A/C upgrade job. I was extremely cheerful to find out that I was only installing a small window A/C unit. I didn’t have any information on the job as well as I assumed it was a full central A/C upgrade. I should have study more information about the job, because I would not have spent all day feeling stressed out. It only took me an hour to install the window A/C component as well as it was easy. The shopper had the window prepared as well as empty as well as all I had to do was place a few screws in the wall. I thought I would not get lake apartment until 9 at night, but I was already in my car by 5. It’s sparse to get lake apartment early on a Monday night, so I decided to use the chance to have supper with my folks. They live 20 miles away from my house, however it’s on the way home. I rarely stop due to traffic, but I decided to make a surprise visit when I finished early for the day. They were so cheerful to see me.



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Duct cleaning fixes air conditioner concerns

At the end of last Springtime, when I turned on the air conditioner, I immediately started sneezing.

I figured there was a buildup of dust within the plan from it resting idle.

I hoped that after it ran for a while, the concerns would go away. Instead, our complaints only got worse. There were typically particles floating around in the air & party on surfaces, requiring myself and others to dust & vacuum far more often. The air coming from the vents had a strange smell, & I’d wake up every day with a nasty headache! Plus, the air conditioner wasn’t keeping up with demand. I lowered the thermostat numerous times & yet particular rooms in the home felt slightly hot & sticky. Paying an severely high-priced electric bill prompted myself and others to call an Heating & A/C company for repair. The professional checked & diagnosed the entire system; She then informed myself and others that the majority of the concerns were due to dirty ductwork. She said that every time the conditioned air passed through the duct system, it was picking up all sorts of harmful contaminants & spreading them throughout the house. The accumulation of debris within the pipes was also restricting airflow, forcing the air conditioner to run longer, toil harder & consume more energy. She found all sorts of disgusting stuff concealed inside the ducts. There was mold growth, dander, pollen, bugs, webs & even some dead mice. I’ve now realized that I need to have the duct plan professionally checked out every couple of years. The duct cleaning process wasn’t overly high-priced & it solved all the concerns with the cooling system.
Cooling install

The guy stumbled all over the place

When you need to have the oil furnace ran tests on, it’s important to call a licensed professional.

The right heating or cooling company should be certified, licensed, bonded, plus insured.

This is the only way to cover your loft plus your system in the event of disfigures from the corporation. I l acquired this lesson the hardest way possible. I bought a mobile loft in a rent-to-own deal. The first few months went fantastic plus summer time plus fall seemed to fly by. I had lots of parties with my friends plus every one of us had a bonfire every weekend. I was undoubtedly ecstatic to be in the middle of the country where I did not have a lot of neighbors giving myself and others a hard time every afternoon. Then the chilly weather set in while I was in Wintertide plus I started to have some trouble with the oil furnace. I called a few professional companies plus they wanted a luck just to come out plus diagnose the oil furnace issue. I thought I was lucky to find a cheap person on Facebook until they caused more disfigure. The guy stumbled all over the place plus he appeared to be intoxicated… He never fixed the problem with the oil furnace plus he spent almost many minutes in the garage. At the end of the appointment, he expected myself and others to pay $150. I had to call a real professional to repair the issue. I will never rely on another company that isn’treputable in every way. In fact, now I am using an online site that keeps track of a company plus their insurance plus hundreds of reviews that are generated by actual customers.


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The furnace didn't keep us warm

My partner and I constantly wanted to visit the mountains and see snow, then both of us grew up in a tiny town on the bayou, then most of our life was filled with warm water, alligators, and swimming in the lake.

Both of us never had to worry about the chilly air and every one of us never saw any snow when every one of us were growing up, but when every one of us set a date to get married, every one of us decided to program our honeymoon for a snowy, mountainous endpoint.

Both of us got married in the middle of September and it was not hard to find a arena where there was already some snow on the ground. My partner and I went to a well-known ski resort and stayed in a private lodge. Both of us spent as much time on the slopes as every one of us did in the room, and the amenities were unquestionably nice. Both of us had a king-size bed and a jetted tub. Both of us also had room service and in room couples massages. The only complication every one of us had was the furnace. Both of us had the heat set to 73 degrees, however the furnace didn’t seem to keep us warm. The air coming out of the air duct was a cool temperature instead of hot. Both of us could have complained about the furnace and switched rooms, however every one of us had the best view in the whole group of lodges. Both of us could see all of the back side of the double diamond trail and the view was spectacular. My partner and I didn’t focus on the furnace concerns and every one of us found other ways to keep each other warm while in our multiple-day honeymoon in the mountains.

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I need to find shop space for rent as I transport my clay making equipment out of my house

I have always been passionate about visual art, but I never thought I could turn it into a job someday.

I figured that I’d undoubtedly land myself a 9 to 5 office job where I’b relegated to standing in misery in a cubicle for the rest of my adult life.

I went through that process for a number of years, being in 1 call center after the next. But while I was grinding away in the workforce, I was relentlessly pursuing my hobbies in visual art. I paint when I have the inspiration, but I love to work with clay whenever I have time available. Sculpting pottery plus figurines is becoming an obsession that takes up most of my time when I’m condo from work! A coworker from my last job told me that I should sell my pottery at a local arts plus crafts fair, but I didn’t think I was fantastic enough to turn my activity into a business. I took a leap of faith plus ended up selling all of the clay Pepsi mugs I had made, which all had custom plus particular glazes plus colors. The next month I came back to the tolerable with more of my work, plus again it was a roaring success. I have so many customers right now that I’m struggling to keep up with the process. I need a bigger working space to grow my business. I started looking all around my city for shop space to rent so I can get my equipment out of my cramped condo plus into a big industrial or commercial space. I had to ask around plus spent several weeks straight looking at ad listings for shop space to rent before I found a perfect location in a current industrial park. The rent is affordable plus it isn’t far from my house.


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