Personal trainer guides recovery following car accident

About five years ago, I was involved in a car crash.

The driver went through a red light & drove into the driver’s side of my vehicle.

My car was totalled & the jaws of life were needed to get me free of the wreckage. I suffered a collapsed lung, broken bones, a concussion and some nasty cuts and bruises. I went through three separate surgeries and had a pin put into my hip. After a lengthy hospital stay, I participated in a great deal of physical rehabilitation. I was fortunate that the insurance was willing to pay for everything. After all the rehabilitation, I still suffered from constant pain. I couldn’t get through the day without painkillers and found it impossible to sleep through the night. I couldn’t return to my job. I finally did some research online, checking out potential therapies and hoping for improvement. I discovered an article about the merits of a personal trainer & regular exercise. I was interested in the idea of pursuing something with long term benefits rather than side-effects. The physical trainer took into consideration all of my aches, pains & concerns. He and I established a prospective timeline for reaching my goals. Although the training sessions are severely intense, demanding & downright painful at times, I’ve noticed significant improvement. I’ve increased my core strength, balance, flexibility & endurance. The pain has steadily decreased & I’ve been able to stop taking prescription medication. I went back to work within six months & have managed a full recovery. I plan to continue sessions with the personal trainer in the future. I finally feel better than ever & hope to set and reach more challenging accomplishments.

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Better way of life after divorce

My wife & I were only married for a year before we got divorced.

  • Our separation was angry, nasy & expensive.

Over the course of that single year, my wife completely wrecked my confidence. I allowed her to dictate way too much about my lifestyle. I gave up my friends & switched to a job that I didn’t even like. I wasn’t quite sure how to make positive changes to get back on track. I felt depressed & defeated. A coworker of mine recommended that I look into a gym membership. He said that physical improvements would help me feel better all around. I figured I’d have the opportunity to meet people at the gym. It sounded like a good strategy, so I signed up & paid for a full membership. I took part in every group fitness class available & went to the gym every evening after work for multiple hours. I realized that getting my heart pumping & taking my body to its limits felt great. I started getting stronger & healthier. I set goals & accomplished them. I dropped weight, built muscles & increased my endurance & flexibility. I have become friends with a whole new circle of people through the gym. They are interested in the same life habits of exercise, good nutrition & a positive outlook. They’ve invited me to join them in activities outside of the gym. I now spend my weekends camping, running marathons, rock climbing, taking hikes, kayaking & cycling. I feel happier and look better than I ever have. I’ve changed jobs and started dating again.


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Personal trainer breaks through fitness plateau

He combines strength training & cardio exercises

My whole family is on the heavy side. They all deal with weight programs. While growing up, potato chips, ice cream, pop, donuts & fast food were a regular part of my diet. My family never ate fresh fruits or vegetables. My mother fried most of our food in butter & covered it in cheese. There were lots of pasta and potatoes. We spent a lot of time sitting around watching television and playing video games. I was never told to go outside and play or encouraged to be physically active in any way. Because I was chubby throughout my school years, I was shy & had no confidence. I was anxious to lose weight but had no idea how to manage it. I finally enrolled at a gym when I headed off to college. I saw some benefits from my training sessions. I dropped a significant amount of weight & felt healthier and better about myself. However, I reached a plateau & couldn’t realize any further success. I was still not at my goal weight & unsatisfied with my appearance. I decided that I needed professional assistance & finally signed up with a personal trainer. This made all the difference for me. The personal trainer focused on both physical & mental wellness, centering around nutrition & requiring me to set firm goals. He made me accountable for achieving those goals. I got measured & weighed prior to each session and we recorded the results. This was motivational. The intensity of the workouts was effective. There’s no way I would ever have pushed myself that hard. He urged me to work harder, longer, faster & wouldn’t let me quit. The personal trainer also provides all sorts of new & varied workouts to challenge me. He combines strength training & cardio exercises. We concentrate on all the different muscles, & I’m always spent at the end of a session. However, I’ve steadily lost weight, built muscle & improved the shape of my body.

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Losing weight and getting in shape before wedding ceremony

Once my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I had a year to lose some weight for the ceremony.

  • I was determined to look beautiful and fit for the ceremony, photographs & honeymoon.

I also wanted to improve my quality of life through healthier habits. I attempted getting fit on my own & it didn’t go so good. I chose the wrong type of sneakers for a long run & neglected to properly warm up my muscles before I headed out. I suffered a leg cramp & ended up with such painful blisters that I missed two days of work. I then tried a series of workout videos. Failing to consider the amount of square footage required to manage the numerous exercises, I bumped the table, bruised my thigh & broke a rather expensive statue. My next strategy was signing up at a local gym. The membership fee was expensive, and I didn’t get much out of it. I was intimidated by the crowds of people there & wasn’t sure how to properly utilize the machines. While at the gym, I read a flyer promoting the services of a personal trainer. The personal trainer has been the reason behind my success. He worked with me to alter my eating habits & create a structured workout program. By the date of my wedding, I’d gotten down to my goal weight & increased the tone of my muscles. I felt super good about myself and I’ve continued to work with the personal trainer twice per week ever since. I’ve steadily achieved new fitness goals & gained strength and energy. Working out is now a habit & it offers benefits that cross-over into every part of life.


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Getting in better shape helps with depression

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve suffered from fits of depression.

I’ve tried all sorts of therapy & I’ve taken prescription medication.

I’ve had some success with therapy but was unwilling to suffer the harmful and long-term consequences of prescription drugs. I’ve also tried my share of home remedies from herbal teas to cannabis edibles. A little over two years ago, my older brother decided that getting more fitness active was the solution to my issues. I was sort of skeptical because I’d never enjoyed any type of physical endeavor or sports. I ran track in middle school for a little while & hated it. I tried to join the basketball team but didn’t make it through the first round of cuts. My brother was so optimistic that I agreed to try working out. He signed us up with a personal trainer who was able to meet with us three times per week at a local gym. For the initial consultation, we just talked about what my brother and I hoped to gain from the training. We discussed our physical & mental state, nutrition, weight loss & our long-range goals. The personal trainer explained that a nutritious meal plan is equally vital to well-being as a strong & physically fit body. He worked with us to develop a nutritious meal plan & insisted we eliminate all fast & pre-packaged food, saturated fat and sugary drinks . When we started on the exercise program, I was surprised by the intensity. Every session included a lot of stretching, flexibility & balance training. The workout combined weight lifting, cardio exercises, static holds, lunges & various abdominal crunches. While I always got sweaty, winded & sore, I felt fantastic afterward. I was anxious to attend our next session. Working out with the personal trainer has been life changing and has reduced my issues with depression.
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