Overnight, things can get hairy from time to time

I like my job working as a security guard.

I have to walk the lot every single night from 11:00 p.m.

until 7:00 a.m. I get a paid half hour break at lunch time. It’s my job to simply walk around the perimeter of the parking lot and observe and report. I carry a weapon just in case there are problems, but I am instructed not to use that weapon unless deadly force is used on me. Overnight things can get hairy from time to time. We didn’t have many problems until we installed a security shack. The security shack is a place on the property where security officers can sit and warm up during the winter months. There are times when it can get down to the single digits or even lower during the winter months. We started having lots of vandalism after the weather turned cold and the security guards stopped walking the perimeter the whole evening. Well the security guards were enjoying the heated shock, vandals were destroying the building. I never spent much time in the heated shack. It was nice to have a place with a small space heater, but it just made me feel tired and even more cold when I had to go out and patrol. I only sat inside of the heated shack while I enjoyed my lunch. I took off my boots, hat, and coat so I could warm up during those 30 minutes. I am clearly the best security officer since I don’t take advantage of the heated shack

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