Our heating system in our van is torn up

Our heating system in our van is torn up and I’m not sure why.

There always seems to be some kind of a problem in our van and I’m beginning to think that it was a lemon when we bought it! Maybe I should just take it back to the dealership and force them to take it back and give me back all of my money.

I don’t know, but the problem with the heating is just not something that I can ignore. That’s because I can’t live through the winter in the area where we live without having a working heating system. The temperatures here get to the single digits pretty early on in the winter season, and they seem to stay that way until late in the spring. I do love where we live, but having such a long, cold winter is really tough sometimes. Your heating system is something that you always worry about when you live around here. You have to have a furnace, of course. If you have something like an oil furnace or an electric furnace, then you still have to have a secondary source of heating too, just in case the first one goes out. I guess it’s the same thing when it comes to the heating in my van at this point. I don’t know what to do about it, but I do know that I have to do something. It’s not going to be fun when the weather starts cooling off and we don’t have a heating system in the van. I’m going to call the garage in the morning to see if they will be able to repair the heater in the van or not. If they can’t, then i guess I might have to call an HVAC company to see if they can do it!

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