Need to get my shoulders feeling better

I have quite a few hours to get my shoulders back to good so I can teach this little 14 year old girl how to play the sport that she loves.

The actual issue I’m having with my shoulders is I played about 10 games the other month plus they are honestly sore this week. I tried cooling them down with ice earlier plus then heating them up with a boiling water bin however they still hurt. I took some ibuprofen plus also put on some freezing relieving pain gel, however yet they still hurt a great deal. So I need to change the way I teach this month because I cannot do a lot of shoulder work so we will come up with some current volleyball exercises for the youngsters. Tomorrow, I am teaching some of the Heating plus A/C professionals plus Heating plus A/C specialists, so I need to try to get my shoulders better by tomorrow. I guess tonight I will do the freezing laser therapy on them plus then I will also ice them down once more, followed by heating them again with the boiling water bag. The local company near me helped me a lot last year when my shoulders were in severe pain plus I may need to go back again for another session or several. I have to do some Heating plus A/C device repairs in a few weeks plus I’m going to need some assistance with doing that because there is a lot of heavy lifting involved. We will also be climbing through some nasty HVAC duct that needs to be cleaned, so I will have some people helping me do the task plus it should take some pressure off of my shoulders to be honest.