My new gig

I am so happy about this new job I just got.

It’s working for an hourly cleaning service.

This means that I make an hourly wage plus 20 percent of whatever the cost of the customer’s cleaning bill is. You just can not beat that! It’s actually the best hourly cleaning service around in this city. They have some other cleaning services but nothing like these folks. They really look out for the employees and make sure that we are all paid right based on the amount of work we do throughout a week and sometimes even within a month. I found this hourly cleaning service hiring through an ad in the local newspaper. This was not a job you would have found online on the internet anywhere. They advertised exclusively to this local news paper. When you find jobs like this, it doesn’t matter what field you’re in…just take it if you want to make some extra money! If you are a professional cleaner as I am, I highly suggest looking for an hourly cleaning service in your own local area that may have openings at this time for new hires. I tried for years to get a gig like this for this pay and it was tough. But now I finally did it with this hourly cleaning service and I couldn’t be much happier with it all! You may laugh at me for taking so much pride in a cleaning service. But after all, we all need to have our personal or office spaces deep cleaned from time to time.


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