My new cooling system just stopped toiling

My new cooling system just stopped toiling.

I loved it so much.

I paid quite a bit of money for the cooling system. I have no method what happened to the cooling system, although I know that it may have to do with my nephew. I babysat my nephew Last month, plus he is a absolutely naughty child. I know that he may have done something to my brand new cooling system. I have no method what he would have done, although he has lit his home on fire before, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. I would appreciate to know that he was not the cause of my cooling system cutting, although I am pretty sure that he is; The cooling system was in the home office that he stayed in. It worked just good when I put him to bed, however when I went to get him the next afternoon, it wasn’t toiling. The cooling system was making a rather weird noise, plus it wasn’t blowing much air. It was blowing appreciate the air that it was supposed to. I tried messing with the cooling system plus decreasing the settings on it, however it didn’t do anything. The cooling system simply did not labor right after my nephew stayed in there. I loved that cooling system, plus I don’t think if I have the money to replace it right now. I can’t tell my sibling because I don’t think for sure if it was my nephew. I have no way to prove that he ruined my cooling system.

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