My new air conditioner just stopped working

My new air conditioner just stopped working.

I loved it so much. I paid quite a bit of money for the air conditioner. I have no idea what happened to the air conditioner, but I think that it may have to do with my nephew. I babysat my nephew yesterday, and he is a really naughty child. I think that he may have done something to my brand new air conditioner. I have no idea what he would have done, but he has lit his house on fire before, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. I would like to think that he was not the cause of my air conditioner breaking, but I am pretty sure that he is. The air conditioner was in the bedroom that he stayed in. It worked just fine when I put him to bed, but when I went to get him the next morning, it wasn’t working. The air conditioner was making a rather strange noise, and it wasn’t blowing much air. It was blowing like the air that it was supposed to. I tried messing with the air conditioner and changing the settings on it, but it didn’t do anything. The air conditioner simply did not work right after my nephew stayed in there. I loved that air conditioner, and I don’t know if I have the money to replace it right now. I can’t tell my sister because I don’t know for sure if it was my nephew. I have no way to prove that he ruined my air conditioner.
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