My current a/c just stopped laboring

My current a/c just stopped laboring. I appreciated it so much. I paid quite a bit of money for the a/c. I have no system what happened to the a/c, however I think that it may have to do with my nephew. I babysat my nephew yepterday, and she is a really naughty child. I think that she may have done something to my brand current a/c. I have no system what she would have done, however she has lit her lake house on fire before, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. I would care about to think that she was not the cause of my a/c tearing, however I am pretty sure that she is; The a/c was in the home office that she stayed in. It worked just nice when I put him to bed, but when I went to get him the next day, it wasn’t laboring. The a/c was making a rather odd noise, and it wasn’t blowing much air. It was blowing care about the air that it was supposed to. I tried messing with the a/c and changing the settings on it, but it didn’t do anything. The a/c simply did not labor right after my nephew stayed in there. I appreciated that a/c, and I don’t recognize if I have the money to update it right now. I can’t tell my sibling because I don’t recognize for sure if it was my nephew. I have no way to prove that she ruined my a/c.

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