Moving out

I am about 2 weeks away from moving out of the house I have been renting for the last 3 years.

And let me tell you I am not sad to be going! This house was a horrible place and all run down.

I just was stuck here because it was close to where I work. But now that my job has relocated me across town I am free to move! Even though this house was a dump to begin with, in order to get my rental deposit back I need to make sure the place is as clean as can be. So I hired a professional deep cleaning service to come in yesterday and spend the whole day deep cleaning this dump. I have to say that even after the professional deep cleaning service was done, it still looks like a dump! Just a clean dump now. This should be more than enough to get my rental deposit back because of the fabulous job the professional deep cleaning service did in this place. It is actually even cleaner and nicer looking than it was when I first moved in! I really have to hand it to this professional deep cleaning service. They did a bang up job for sure! If the property owner does not give me my deposit back I will have to take legal action because this place is literally spotless and I am leaving it in slightly better condition than it was when I moved in. And again, this is all thanks to the professional deep cleaning service!


Standard Cleaning