Love the one you’re with

In 1970, Stephen Stills released the infamous song ‘Love the One You’re With’.

It became his number one hit single and reached the number fourteen position on Billboard Hot 100.

The title itself, and the repeating chorus, are self-explanatory. If you love the one you’re with, you’ll surely receive the benefits from that relationship. Applied to relationships or to major purchases, the same benefits hold true. Take the care required for your heating, ventilation and cooling system, for example. Not only is the cost of the system hefty, its replacement and repairs can take a bite out of your budget as well. That’s why any HVAC professional will advise homeowners to love and care for their HVAC units and, in a sense, they will love you back – by lasting as long as 25 years. By simply changing the air filters regularly, your furnace will run at top efficiency. And your furnace hates humidity just like you do. Not only that, high humidity can cause a heat exchanger to start to rust. By running a dehumidifier, both you and your furnace can be happy and healthy. Your air conditioner coil likes to be cleaned, or else it can get plugged, leading to leaked condensation on your furnace. So keep the coils clean and your furnace’s electrical parts will remain ‘healthy’. Finally, your furnace needs a checkup just like you do. Be sure to schedule an annual maintenance appointment with an HVAC professional. He’ll test for any carbon monoxide leaks and make any necessary settings adjustments. So love your furnace, after all – your furnace is the one you’re with – every day!


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