Losing weight and getting in shape before wedding ceremony

Once my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I had a year to lose some weight for the ceremony.

  • I was determined to look beautiful and fit for the ceremony, photographs & honeymoon.

I also wanted to improve my quality of life through healthier habits. I attempted getting fit on my own & it didn’t go so good. I chose the wrong type of sneakers for a long run & neglected to properly warm up my muscles before I headed out. I suffered a leg cramp & ended up with such painful blisters that I missed two days of work. I then tried a series of workout videos. Failing to consider the amount of square footage required to manage the numerous exercises, I bumped the table, bruised my thigh & broke a rather expensive statue. My next strategy was signing up at a local gym. The membership fee was expensive, and I didn’t get much out of it. I was intimidated by the crowds of people there & wasn’t sure how to properly utilize the machines. While at the gym, I read a flyer promoting the services of a personal trainer. The personal trainer has been the reason behind my success. He worked with me to alter my eating habits & create a structured workout program. By the date of my wedding, I’d gotten down to my goal weight & increased the tone of my muscles. I felt super good about myself and I’ve continued to work with the personal trainer twice per week ever since. I’ve steadily achieved new fitness goals & gained strength and energy. Working out is now a habit & it offers benefits that cross-over into every part of life.


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