Keep a separate HVAC calendar

I can admit that I have not always been the most organized person. Growing up my family called me Messy Jessy. I always keep my room in a bit of a tornado state. I like knowing where my things are but that doesn’t mean that they are put away. As you can imagine, this lack of organization has complicated things the older I’ve gotten. When I became a professional it became rather difficult to keep everything in line. I might have all of my tasks completed for work but then I would completely neglect my own personal responsibilities. This went on for quite a while until my dog came down with terrible allergies. That’s when I finally had to figure out how to set a schedule for my heating and cooling system. The day that my dog started sneezing and coughing up a storm is the day that I panicked about my indoor air quality for the first time. I called out a professional heating and cooling technician and asked what I could do to improve the air quality every day. He told me we could definitely install some air purification systems and HEPA air filters to help with the indoor air quality. However, the bigger issue was my lack of heating and cooling maintenance. He could tell that I never changed my air filter and my air ducts were always dirty. He recommended that I set a schedule for my heating and cooling maintenance if I wanted to keep my air quality in amazing shape. That’s the day that I finally got a little organized; I started studying a separate calendar just for my HVAC maintenance.



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