Jerry taught me how to test our indoor air quality

Jerry and I grew up in the same neighborhood.

We went to the same elementary school, middle school, and high school.

There was no point in our lives that we were never in each other’s lives as kids. This even made our parents close, and we were always in each other’s homes. As kids, we had all these grand ideas of what we wanted to become as adults. But, as we grew older, our views and interests changed. I wanted to go to college and pursue a business degree. Jerry, on the other hand, wanted to be an HVAC technician. I went off to college, and he went to HVAC training school to get his certification. Years later, I moved back to the neighborhood, and Jerry installed a new HVAC system. He had done so well for himself and managed to set up an AC business. We never lost touch, even though we went our separate ways after high school. Being back home, it was like nothing ever changed between us. He came with some HVAC workers to install the central cooling and heating system after giving me a good quote. In addition, we spoke at length about air quality. My wife was expecting a baby, and I wanted to ensure we had the best air quality. Jerry was a savior since he showed us how to test the air quality with a monitoring device. Plus, he insisted we get an indoor air purification unit to keep the place conducive. The whole-home purification system would be quite efficient in keeping the air coming into the house clean and safe for all.

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