It’s nice that the weather is mild in our area

Our summers around here are well documented for being tough.

The heat plus humidity is just an unquestionably difficult combination that wears a person down.

However, I’ll take that trade any day over dealing with a brutal wintertime plus all that HVAC heating effort plus expense. Plus, after the difficult four weeks of summer, our weather is remarkably attractive. So, all of us manage the heat thanks to our excellent HVAC heat pump. It’s what it takes to get through a Summer like ours. I am super thankful for the heat pump. Ours is relatively modern plus the technological evolution of the heat pump is something truly special. There unquestionably is no other option for heating and also cooling where I come from. The wintertime is mild enough for the HVAC heat pump to manage the cold temps. This is a much preferred situation to what my neighbors to the north have to deal with every year. I can’t imagine living with all of that. For us, when it gets cold, all I have to do is flip the temperature control over to the opposite heating mode. The heat pump simply reverses its flow plus extracts heat energy from the outside air. If it gets below the mid forties, the heat pumpy uses a supplemental electric plate to provide additional heat. Honestly, I find the heat pump to be such a versatile marvel. The heat pump all of us have even uses wasted heat energy to heat the sizzling tub! I can hardly guess it can do this plus it saves myself and others some choice currency. However, the cooling power, efficiency plus reliability of the heat pump is the reason it is the most popular HVAC system in our area.


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