It was the warmest winter with HVAC heating savings as well

What my neighbor taught me about my house made all the difference.

Had I known about this when I first moved north, I would have saved a great deal of money on heating bills.

However, I’m not going to second guess my efforts given that I was sort of just flying by the seat of my pants. We moved up here 3 years ago and we just finished our third winter. These winters will really, really get a person’s attention. And if that person grew up in the south where winter meant having the heat pump come on a handful of time, it’s more like shocking. At least that’s the way it was for me. My wife grew up with winters like this and her house had a gas furnace when she was growing up. Still, she wasn’t much help when it came to figuring out how to deal with heating our home when we first got here. All I knew was to keep turning the HVAC thermostat up. That was my extent of knowledge when it came to heating a house in a really cold winter. But that is just not the smart way to do it as I learned fairly quickly. It was as though I had to decide between having money in the checking account or being cold. Too often I chose paying too much to have the gas furnace run day and night. However, my neighbor helped me solve all of that. He taught me just how to prepare my house for winter. This kind man showed me how to seal up my house as tight as possible to maximize the efficiency of the gas furnace. And I’m happy to report that this past winter was the coziest one we’ve had yet. Plus, I saved nearly 20 percent in heating costs through the winter.


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