It was our first and last camping experience.

I kept telling my fiance that I wasn’t an outdoors person, but he didn’t believe me.

He told me I just hadn’t been with the right people that made camping enjoyable.

I scoffed as I walked away from him. I knew exactly what it was like to go camping. My father used to pitch a tent in our backyard, and all of us kids would sleep in there when we had BBQs. It was kind of fun when I knew my parents were out there with us. When they went into the house, I snuck in behind them. There was something about sleeping on the ground that gave me the creeps. I knew all the bugs that crawled all over. I didn’t have the sound of the furnace turning on and off during the cool spring and fall nights. There was no air conditioning during the summer, that would keep the humidity off my overheated skin. No. I couldn’t think of anything that would make me want to go camping, even if my fiance was there with me. He finally convinced me to give him just one night. If I wasn’t happy, he would bring me home in the morning, and he would never bring up the subject again. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but I went with him anyway. Had he told me we were going to be glamping, I wouldn’t have argued as much. The glamper had heating and air conditioning and there was a huge bed in the middle of the tent. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying camping and I still had HVAC to keep me comfortable.



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