It is part of the hotel fee anyway

For my mother’s birthday we do a trip up north and see a bunch of musicals.

We spend extra to have front row seats.

Around three days is good enough. Each day is a new musical, place to eat and store to shop at. It is basically one big spend fest. However, the trip is pretty physical. I get us a hotel right in the theater district, but there is still quite a bit of walking. My mother and I also are very fitness oriented. I wouldn’t want us to try running or biking in such a hectic city. A big part of my research goes into finding what shows would be the best to see. I then find hotels near the shows that have a good fitness room. My mother needs a treadmill, stidown bike and would love a rowing machine. For me, I just need enough space to do yoga. I like doing my stretches, crunches and push ups. Machines don’t really do much for me. I did find one hotel this year that is actually a personal training center attached to the hotel. You can just do your own thing and work out in the room. There are tons of machines, free weights and a whole separate yoga studio. However, a part of the hotel fee is for personal training. My mother and I could do a group fitness class each morning at the hotel for free. I am thinking the two of us might want to try it. Why not right? We might even really like having a certified fitness expert helping us out.

Yoga classes