In laws had the best AC system, at least

There’s nothing worse than being forced to attend family obligations with your significant other.

It’s bad enough to deal with your own family, let alone going to a bunch of ruckus parties and tense dinners with your boyfriend.

Unfortunately, this was a major part of my life when I was living with my ex. We had to spend a lot of time with his extended family because they lived near his son and we lived several states away. As such, we stayed at his parents house very often and dealt with the discomfort. The only thing that made the situation better was their high quality indoor air equipment. His family had a lot more money than I could comprehend. They had advanced indoor air quality control equipment installed throughout the entire house. I know that their furnace, cooling system, and air purification units were hefty to install and maintain. It seems like the heating and cooling technician was at their house every other week to perform some kind of routine service or upgrade. They also lived in an extremely hot and humid climate where it was necessary to use the HVAC system all the time. Whenever we stayed there I absolutely hated going outside and experiencing the warm, oppressively humid air. However, at least I could always look forward to the air conditioning inside of his parents home. It felt like walking into a freezer when you entered their AC. I was always jealous of the cooling system that they were able to afford… But I was more jealous of my friends who never had to spend extended amounts of time at their in-laws house.


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