I’m the only female HVAC technician I know

I went to get my HVAC certification after I graduated from high school many years ago.

I was the only female in my heating and cooling class and then I was the only one graduating from the technical school, too.

It was a little bit weird being the only female in the whole class, but I also enjoyed it. All of the guys liked me and I had so many dates lining up because of the lack of other girls in the class. So that was pretty nice. I also learned a ton about heating and cooling in the class because everyone wanted to be my study partner. By the time we graduated, I think that I knew more about the HVAC industry than anyone else in the class. I got a really good internship at one of the local heating and cooling companies here in town and I loved all the people who worked there. By the time that the internship was over, I had decided that this was the right fit for me and the owners of the HVAC company offered me a permanent position with their company. I was really thrilled to be in the career that I loved and also to be working for a great HVAC company. I continue to learn more and more about HVAC technology on a daily basis and I really love my co-workers and my clients. However, I am still the only female HVAC technician I know! It’s weird being the only one, even at the meetings and training sessions that we have to go to. Last fall, I went to a big convention, and I never saw a single other female in any of the sessions.


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