I’m enjoying my new heat pump

I’m in for a slew of changes that’s for sure.

But, I guess trading a brutal winter for an intensely overheated summer time is a deal I can live with.

All I have ever known is living in a place where the dire winter conditions dominate. Growing up and living with these sorts of conditions have been difficult to say the least. If you aren’t into snow or long periods spent inside the house with HVAC, this place isn’t for you. That is a certainty. I guess that I have long dreaded the icy grip of winter. Once that first freezing wind blew, I knew that the HVAC gas furnace would be cranking up. Then, something unexpected happened. My corporation decided to transport me to a new office down south. I was apprehensive at first. Most of my family and nearly all of my friends live in the region I grew up in. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to deal with not having that sort of support network. However, the thought of not dealing with a winter full of HVAC furnaces and staying indoors made me consider it. I took the plunge and accepted the position. It appears that I made the right call. While I miss my friends and family members, I am making lots of new acquaintances now. Plus, I appreciate the new heating and cooling method my new home has now. Instead of that gas furnace, I have a heat pump. This HVAC method dominates this area for it’s amazing ability to cool the house. That will be new for me. However, this mild winter seems to get all the comfort I need from the heat pump.

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