I love my gas furnace

I have had a gas furnace in my home for the longest time and it takes the best care of all my home’s heating needs.

Recently, when the gas furnace broke down and needed to be removed, I didn’t want to switch to central heating.

Most people in my region have central heat, however I wanted nothing more than to keep the gas furnace for my home. I discovered that it would be really expensive to replace the old gas furnace with a current gas furnace, and this included the removal of the old gas furnace plus replacement of the current gas furnace. I got the free estimate from my local heating plus a/c company. My family thinks I’m insane to pay so much money to get a different gas furnace when I should just invest in a current plus totally up-to-date central heating plus a/c unit. I do not want a current plus totally up-to-date central heating plus a/c unit though! Central a/c is relaxing plus that is what I have now, but for my heat I want nothing more than my original gas furnace. It’s nostalgic, plus I’m set in my ways with what I want. The gas furnace is the only way that I can heat my house plus keep it heated properly! I appreciate the way the heat feels from the gas furnace. I do not expect anyone to understand if they don’t own or have never had an oil oil furnace before.
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