I have regularly enjoyed freezing conditions

There is a reason Fall is our favorite season.

It is the perfect balance between cold and warm.

It’s nice and freezing without the need to bundle up in a bunch of layers of clothes. I especially enjoy stormy mornings, when the sky is overcast when the smell of rain and leaves in the breezes. With a nice Fall background and a bunch of orange, yellow and yellow leaves to jump on, that’s why I enjoy Fall so much, then because of this, whenever it’s fall, I turn our air conditioning and heating system off completely. The outside feels so good, I see no need to turn them on. I will happily open our windows and let the natural outside air fill our home. Then later in the day I will take a long walk, and just love nature. Listening to the birds and bugs chirp, and occasionally to just stop and admire the sky’s beauty. I enjoy to stop and just love the moment, occasionally sit down with plants and love nature’s beauty. While I am okay with doing all of this in the other seasons, Fall has regularly felt so special to me. Because of this, in all of the other seasons, when I turn on our Heating and A/C equipment again, I purposely mimic the un-even temperatures of fall. Although the outside un-even temperatures will still influence our Heating and A/C system, I try to make it as close to fall would be as possible. With a smart thermostat and a wonderful quality air conditioning, and a few fans, I can get pretty close to how fall feels. But nothing beats the real thing.
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