I had to rebuild my life

I made a fatal error in life, that it seems a lot of young people are making nowadays.

While there are a lot of older people now warning the kids about this same issue, including myself, I had no such older people to warn me.

My fatal error? I chose to get a degree in something that was practically useless in the real world. I chose to get a degree in Art Appreciation, which means I basically spent my years judging other people’s art. Well, it turns out that isn’t genuinely useful in life if you don’t have the skills for art. I have never been an artist, plus since anyone can judge art, I never was able to find a job after graduating. Now I was horribly in debt, plus I needed to find another way to make a living. My Grandpa advised I go for something more laborious plus always in demand, like being a HVAC specialist, I was running out of options, plus all of my previous ideas were shut down, so I decided to go for it. My Grandpa helped me pay to go to HVAC university, plus not long after I became a certified HVAC professional. I was hired more than one weeks after graduating plus now I am slowly paying back all of my debt. My Grandpa was right, being a HVAC tech has certainly improved my life plus has given me a stable way to live. It’s not certainly that difficult either, sure it has a few things I don’t like, however all in all, I am ecstatic.

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