I Had a One Year Warranty To Cover HVAC System

During the negotiation phase of purchasing my current house, I came away with a one year home warranty.

When the seller suggested the warranty, I overlooked it and thought it would be useless.

However, my realtor suggested that I seriously consider the warranty because it would cover anything from electrical work, plumbing, and heat or air issues. The house was old, and there was no telling what I would find as I began replacing things. I decided to accept the home warranty just in case anything happened. A few months after moving in, the AC system started acting odd. The air was lukewarm coming from the air vents and my house wasn’t feeling cool or comfortable. It was a really old AC system, so I wasn’t surprised that it was giving me problems this soon. Before calling an HVAC professional though, I checked with my home warranty program and hired an HVAC professional through the warranty. Everything would be covered, but I had to pay the HVAC professional to come out to the house. I was bummed that I had to pay a trip charge, but after the HVAC professional told me all the things that needed to be repaired with the AC system, I was thankful for the home warranty. I only had to pay $100 for the HVAC professional to come to my house. Everything else was included. I’m really glad my realtor convinced me to accept the home warranty before I purchased the house from the seller.


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