I Convinced My Parents To Get a Ductless Mini System For Their Bedroom

Even though our parents have central AC in their home, they also have a window AC unit in their bedroom.

They’ve had the big, chunky, pale white AC unit in their window for as long as I can remember.

I remember the afternoon they brought it apartment and I questioned them about it. I didn’t understand why they were installing a box into their window or how it was going to make their room colder! My parents instructed myself and others to never touch the window AC unit because they didn’t want myself and others decreasing the settings, then fast forward to the present afternoon and that window AC unit is still there and as mysterious to myself and others as ever. Of course, I understand how it works and the purpose of it, but I still don’t understand why our parents chose that. I asked our dad if she had ever heard of a ductless mini system, because I thought it would be a better way to cool their room; She hadn’t heard of the ductless mini idea before, so I pulled up an online search that explained what it was in detail. The website talked about how energy efficient they were, how they were less noisy than window AC units, and they were more modern. The price was slightly higher than a window AC unit, but not by much… By the time our dad was done reading the website, she was ready to make the switch and purchase a ductless mini idea for the bedroom! I guess they’re truly going to love it.

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