I cleaned my air with the help of HEPA filters

I never was aware of how great HEPA filters are until I was the proud owner of one.

I had decided to buy one a few months ago after noticing a decrease in my indoor air quality.

I was told by everyone around me, including the heating and cooling specialist at the HVAC business near me that using a HEPA filter was the best way to go, and so I purchased one. I will be honest, I wasn’t expecting all that much from it, even with all of the positive reviews both online and in person. I guess for me I would have to experience it first hand to see how great it actually was. I had even considered other options, a UV light air cleaner that attaches to the HVAC system sounded like a good way to go, but everyone was insistent that a HEPA filter was far superior thanks to its ability to catch dirt, germs, and bacteria that would otherwise make you fall sick. A HEPA filter has many tightly woven fibers that allows it to catch germs with ease and the difference these filters make can really surprise you if you are not used to having perfectly clean air. For me, it works along perfectly with my thermostat, I can have the perfect indoor air conditions by setting the best temperature and having good clean quality air. Now I can see why my friends, family, and neighbors all pushed the idea of having a HEPA filter over some of the other HVAC products. In my opinion, it does the best job.

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