I can’t imagine not having cooling in our area

It’s hard to know sporadically how far heating and A/C technology has come.

I hear the stories from my dad about how they once got through the summer seasons of his youth.

It doesn’t sound like such a good time to me. All of us live in a region where the cooling side of the HVAC unit is the most crucial aspect of a heating and cooling unit. While we do indeed get to use the heat during our mild winter season, it is the cooling that dominates the HVAC job load. My dad tells tales of having to just be still during the morning when it was actually hot outside. They had an evaporative cooler and some fans. That was it for any sort of heating and A/C cooling. He remembers having to get all the stuff he wanted to do done prior to lunch or after 5pm. The middle of the day was just so scorching hot that the only thing he was looking for was shade and a fan. That story makes our modern situation even that much more amazing. I just had the HVAC people augment our existing heating and cooling plan to a zone control unit. That means there are now 5 unusual HVAC zones inside the house. This also means no more disagreements or unhappy compromises where the heating and A/C setting is sad. I actually like it a bit cooler when I get house from work. Relaxing in a cool setting is so good after perspiring through work all morning. Having the zone control means that I can keep the space where our room is much cooler than the rest of the house.

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