HVAC Maintenance Plan Seems Nice

I’ve been having my HVAC system serviced by a certified HVAC professional for several years now.

I work with the same HVAC company and they always send someone to my house twice per year.

Recently, one of the HVAC technicians that came to service my HVAC system told me about the company comfort club. The comfort club was an annual membership that specialized in maintaining a home’s HVAC system. If I decided to join the comfort club, I paid a one time annual fee and it came with a list of benefits. The membership included two HVAC tuneups, a discount on all parts, priority service, and no trip charges. I always struggled to get an appointment with the HVAC company whenever I called because everyone else was also having their HVAC system serviced too. Sometimes, I have to wait weeks to get an HVAC professional out to my house and I always worry that something is going to malfunction. Having priority access to the schedule would be huge for me! I also considered the age of my HVAC system. It’s 9 years old, which means that I can expect things to start breaking down. Knowing that I would not only have priority access, but also have a discount on all the repairs along with no trip charges, I felt really inclined to sign up for the comfort plan. I wanted to make sure that my HVAC system was in good hands and that I was saving as much money as I could.



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