HVAC contractor made all the difference

It was really interesting to try my hand at design.

While I have a fairly creative brain, I am not very good when it comes to putting it down on paper.

Or in this case, a computer program. However, with my wife’s help, we started doing just that with house plans. This began a few years ago and is part of a lager plan. Instead of coming home and putting my feet up in the HVAC, we would start thinking about our first house and what we wanted. Our plan was to build a home that suited our needs now that our family was all raised. It was a great experience. While not architecturally perfect, the computer allowed us to do just about everything. We could place the HVAC where we wanted it and do the bathrooms the way we envisioned. It was a great tool to take to the architect. The actual building of the house was far tougher. Thankfully, we had some really great sub contractors who really rounded out the job. The HVAC contractor was really great. It didn’t take being around this person for more than 10 minutes to know that he was the guy for us. We were able to relay all of our heating & cooling ideas to him and he just ran with it. The choosing of the actual HVAC unit was made so simple with his guidance. Now, we are enjoying all the benefits of all that effort. We love our new house for sure. However, the HVAC is absolutely perfect and we owe all that to the HVAC contractor.

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