HVAC care can go a long way

As a HVAC technician, I am always telling people to take care of their heating and cooling units.

Most people automatically assume that I must be telling them that so I can squeeze more money out of them.

In reality, I am telling them this but I have seen how long air conditioners can last if treated properly. Although I am pretty sure most people don’t listen to me, I will continue to tell people for the few that do listen. I have been repairing heating and cooling units for so long I can usually tell which ones are the ones that have been properly taken care of, and which ones aren’t. More often than I would like, I come across the ones who aren’t taken care of. Usually, I try to warn those people ahead of time that they should start doing frequent maintenance, because while their HVAC unit may be working well right then, it won’t be for very long. Usually I will get a variation of they heard so and so never do maintenance on their heating and cooling unit and they have no issues! While it’s true a lot of air conditioners can go a while without needing HVAC technician supervision, none of them last forever. Usually if they don’t I go and see them again in the next year or so, shaking my head knowing they could have prevented this, and now they are getting a costly repair bill. It’s like I like to tell me customers, a maintenance bill is a lot cheaper than a repair bill. And for those who can’t remember, then a HVAC plan will do the reminding for you.

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