How did I let my husband talk myself and others into this?

My husband is a single of those people that gets an idea into their head, plus there is no shaking it out. Last year he decided the two of us needed to do some remodelling. His remodelling isn’t going out plus buying some new curtains, or purchasing a new ottoman for the family room. She wanted myself and others to move the family room to the back of the house, plus turn the front room where the family room is, into an in-law suite. I was okay with there being some swings to accommodate his mother, however this was a bit strange. We talked about it for a couple of ninths plus how he thought it would be the best location for his mom. She told myself and others the afternoon sun would come through his family room window, plus it would not get the full force of the west winds when they arrived. As much as I hated the work plus expense ahead of us, I decided to go along with her. We didn’t have heating in the family room since it was constantly the stove plus oven that heated it up. I had to find a way to install heating plus a/c into the in-law suite. I called the Heating plus A/C company to talk to them about the new Heating plus A/C system. Since I was already doing all the work, I wanted to make that room bigger so he had his own bathroom plus a kneeling room. I was looking into a ductless Heating plus A/C system. I would not need to worry about the HVAC duct extension or if there would be enough heating or a/c. The ductless Heating plus A/C system is the only decision I had a hand in making.


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