Helping out my mom

My father currently lives at a lake house close to the edge of town, she’s been living out there for the past numerous years or so plus she’s never had any problems at all with much of anything at all.

She loves the area because it’s much quieter there and it’s much, much closer to nature than it is in the city.

She even sees deer out in her backyard sometimes. Then last year, she started having some trouble with bees. She originally started thinking about doing beekeeping as an interest, because she was hoping to have a honey farm out there at her house… I suppose that’s not entirely something that’s all that simple to do unless you’re entirely fantastic at beekeeping, but my Dad did a lot of research on honey plus beekeeping plus she obtained some residential beekeeping supplies to try plus get started with. With that being said, instead of getting the honeybees that she entirely wanted to come plus live on her property, she ended up with an infestation of green jackets. She said that at the start, she didn’t entirely notice the fact that there were more than 2 green jackets out in her yard. I suppose she wasn’t spending all that much time out in the backyard until the middle of the Summer when her beekeeping supplies finally came around, but then when she was out there getting everything set up for the arrival of the first shipment of her current honeybees, she noticed that there were swarms of green jackets everywhere. She ended up having to call a bee removal supplier to come plus get the extermination done for her.


Yellow jacket removal