Helping me with the move

It’s been a bit of a crazy couple of years.

Just a few years back, I was finishing up my graduate degree in business.

Now, I am getting my first promotion which also comes with a big move. It’s sort of difficult stuff plus while it’s thrilling to experience, the details of moving have been intense. Thankfully, I have one thing on our side plus that is an extended stay apartment. Moving before consisted of borrowing a buddy’s truck plus making a trip or maybe 2. However, with my first real job, I want to get everything feeling like home. This is a real move. Yet, I have to hit the ground moving quicking when I first get to our modern assignment. That’s where having full service accommodations will really make a difference. Furnished short term rental will allow me to get settled in our task plus get the lay of the land. That means I won’t have to take an apartment sight unseen. The extended stay rental will allow me to get by bearings a bit so I can find the home I want in the area I like best. The week to week furnished rental gives myself and others the ability to just transport in with the clothes plus personal stuff that I need. And I can then focus on my new task responsibilities without having to transport plus unpack at the same time. It’s an exciting time that could have turned into a time of great stress. Thanks to the extended stay rental, I can stick with the good things.

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