Had to buy all new Christmas ornaments

Last week, I had put our 6 foot Christmas tree, and decorated it with all of my expensive ornaments that I had from last year.

I was quite proud at how impressive it looked, and after I was done admiring it, I walked into the kitchen to start on dinner.

The poor Christmas tree was up for only 30 minutes before I heard a loud crash. I went rushing back to the tree, and my fear came true. The once tall Christmas tree was on the ground, with rolling, broken ornaments all around it. The culprit? My cat. This is my cat’s first Christmas, and he has a tendency to fling himself at objects he isn’t accustomed to. Yeah I know my cat is weird. The glass shards went all the way to my air conditioning system. My A/C is in the garage, if that puts it into perspective. I slowly picked up all of the shards around the air conditioner, and then made my ways backwards toward the tree. Once I was sure that I had removed all of the glass shards from the air conditioning unit and the surrounding area, then I was able to relax. I was quite disappointed that most of my ornaments had broken. I guess it was time to upgrade to better ornaments, but this was not in the way I had hoped. I told my husband the news, and told him to be weary of the floor and wear shoes, in case I had missed any. I especially told him this since he was working in the garage, right around the cooling unit.

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