Giving consideration to whole apartment media air cleaner

Allergies can be more debilitating than it was when I was much younger.

For the most part, I have been able to deal with the effects of our dust irritations with over the counter remedies.

But there are definitely more episodes where I have to get prescription medicine in order to function. This has been more the case as the years have gone by. That is why I have begun to consider more seriously attacking this at the Heating plus A/C source. I can’t do much about the pollen count outside. But, I can mitigate the pollen count inside our cabin with an addition to the Heating plus A/C. Plus, I love the plan of air purification as an added layer of protection in the fight against this virus. Indoor air quality is key to our health. And that makes sense considering what we breathe in effects our overall health. However, it is also the immune health that is a concern as well. The addition of a whole apartment media air cleaner in the Heating plus A/C device will provide a number of health benefits. It’s been shown that using HEPA type air filters along with air purification can entirely remove airborne Covid 19 virus from the indoor air. Add that to the fact that a whole apartment media air cleaner works by destroying the DNA of airborne contaminants. That means that the whole apartment media air cleaner will entirely be destroying the airborne pollen in our home. It’s a bit of an expense for sure. But the whole apartment media air cleaner delivers in a big way.