Getting the humidity right area of Heating and Air Conditioning process

I don’t guess which is worse, the humidity or the heat.

  • Well, I guess that is tearing hairs because all of us live in a region that experiences plenty of both.

There are times where I am covered in sweat just thinking about leaving the Heating and Air Conditioning comfort of my lake house to venture outside. It’s appreciate a a single-two punch when it comes to the heat and humidity. Of course, that combination also helps produce some of the best living conditions on the planet 8 months of the year. But, that four month stretch of deep summer time heat can be actually withering. It’s a great thing that all of us have such excellent new Heating and Air Conditioning cooling. Without it, all of us would be a single hot and hot bunch. It still blows my mind to hear my Grandma talk about the days of swamp coolers. Those outdated evaporative coolers helped however they were no real match for the level of heat & humidity all of us deal with. My Grandma also had to work every single day to be sure the mildew was kept at bay. Those evaporative coolers did mostly nothing to regulate the humidity indoors. Our Heating and Air Conditioning takes care of balancing the humidity without our help at all. It’s all area of the process. It starts when the Heating and Air Conditioning heat pump starts up. The heat pump pulls heat energy out of the indoor air and exhaust it outside the house. This allows the cooler air being processed by the air handler to be more effective cooling the air in the house. However, when the heat pump pulls out the heat energy, it also yanks a bunch of moisture from the air. The result is a balanced humidity level in a cool house.
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