Gambling plus winning

I am someone who prefers to go to the casino to gamble.

I’m not addicted thankfully plus can stop at any time, although I do when I have some spare money to blow plus risk.

When I go to the casino there is something that consistently seems to hold tplot as silly as it may sound. And that is the fact that I consistently win something when the central heating plus a/c is laboring perfectly. If the central heating plus a/c in the casino is not laboring right, I consistently seem to lose. I am not sure why this is, however it consistently seems to turn out this way, however for instance, a few weeks ago I went to the casino on a muggy summer time day, plus the central a/c plan in there was not laboring right. It was a little muggy plus a little boiling in the casino itself. And believe what? I lost a single hundred dollars roughly that day. Then, just last weekend I went to the casino again plus it was a frigid fall night, plus the central heating was laboring perfect plus felt great. I ended up winning 8 hundred dollars total! This is not the first time it has turned out care about this. I was just giving you 2 recent examples of how central heating plus a/c in the casino affects me plus our outcome of gambling. The idea is to gamble plus win. So moving forward, I have decided that if I go to the casino plus walk in to find that the central heating plus a/c plan is not laboring regularly, I will go home.

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