Floor cleaning was much needed

I’m so thankful that my wife and I were able to live out our wish of having our own antique and curio shop. It’s something that has been a bit of a passion for a lot of year. We both had full time careers to deal with. But in our spare time, we would haunt spots to find treasures. This led us to actually having so many things that we started to sell online. The idea of having a little shop sort of occurred organically. What didn’t occur to us was the fact that we would need a commercial cleaning crew to maintain a professional appearance. We were fine doing most of the simple janitorial service. Dumping the waste baskets, dusting and all that sort of cleaning lady stuff was no big deal. However, we miscalculated a bit when it came to our floors. Our shop is a fairly good size and the majority of the floors are tile. Not the type of ceramic tile that would require a tile floor cleaning service and a grout cleaning service. No, I’m talking the vinyl type flooring that is in so many places. We would mop these floors so it wasn’t as though they weren’t clean. However, with an accumulation of traffic, they tended to get scuffed up and dingy. I tried to rent a floor cleaner to take care of it myself. This was really a waste of time and energy because it looked a bit better but far from the result I wanted. It finally dawned on my that I would need to contract a cleaning service to come in on a monthly basis. The floor stripping and waxing was what was necessary.

Floor cleaning business