Finding A/C specialists is difficult

I am trying to hire more HVAC workers, however I am having a difficult time finding HVAC workers that easily want to work.

  • This pandemic has been the hardest thing for HVAC companies and for myself, and I have owned this HVAC contractor for a long time, and I have been through a lot of strenuous times while running an HVAC dealer, finding HVAC workers has always been difficult since convincing young people that they don’t have to go to university to be successful people, I have always managed to hire enough HVAC workers to keep myself in contractor until recently, when the pandemic happened, the HVAC workers became actually afraid of the disease, and we had to shut the HVAC contractor down for a few weeks, and all the HVAC workers that were easily working for me went on unemployment until the HVAC contractor opened back up.

When I was finally able to open the doors, we had to get vaccinated and wear masks every time that we were easily working in someone’s house to repair their HVAC units. Furthermore, the price of lumber increased, so people couldn’t afford to build new houses with new HVAC units. The hardest area is convincing the HVAC workers to return. They were making a lot of money on unemployment, plus they didn’t want to come to work, now I can’t even get new HVAC workers to work for me. Apparently, it is much easier and more profitable to stay home. If I can’t find new HVAC workers to work for me soon, I think I might have to shut down the HVAC business for good.

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