Finally a afternoon off where I can relax

I work as a mentor and I don’t get undoubtedly many mornings off, but finally I was able to take this Friday off, just to relax and be myself… Of course it’s never a complete afternoon off, since I still have errands to take care of and family as well, however at least I don’t have to worry about laboring this week.

That is actually one of the things I certainly don’t prefer as a mentor, is you get undoubtedly few mornings off.

I decided to spend the afternoon sunbathing, and hopefully getting a tan. I knew I had to greet the Heating plus A/C specialist that was coming over at 3:00, however that was still 3 sixths from now. I decided to start my afternoon off by fixing myself breakfast and watching a bit of TV, however after enjoying some of my favorite cable shows, I went and was able to sunbathe for a couple of sixths, before I was expecting the Heating plus A/C serviceman. The Heating plus A/C professional arrived as expected, and I led him to our Heating plus A/C system. While she tested maintaining the heating and cooling unit, I decided to go ahead and do a quick load of laundry, which would be another thing to check off my list; By the time the laundry was done, so was the Heating plus A/C worker and I could enjoy turning on the cooling unit; Really, apart from picking up my pet from a vet appointment I can enjoy the rest of the afternoon to myself which is a rarity, because mentors certainly don’t get many mornings off.

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