Enjoying a new jump rope system

I’ve enjoyed jumping rope since I was a little girl.

Where I once jumped rope for the fun of it, I now use it as a great cardio workout.

I always got by with a plain leather jump rope with weighted handles. I liked the weighted handles for targeting the muscles in my arms and shoulders. However, the leather rope tended to tangle and knot. It didn’t take long for it to fray and break. I was forced to replace the jump rope every year. About two years ago, my son bought me a modern jump rope system for Mother’s Day. The set included two ropes and a single set of handles. Each rope features a rotating metal clasp on the ends that attaches to the handles. Rather than weighted handles, the ropes are different thicknesses and weights. As part of the system, I received a quarter-pound and half-pound rope. They are made out of some type of synthetic material that rotates very smoothly. I’m able to jump at a much faster pace. I’ve noticed a big difference between the quarter-pound and half-pound rope. The lighter rope promotes faster jumps and elevates my heart rate. The heavier rope slows the rotation but works my arms and shoulders a bit harder. I’ve since purchased a one-pound and two-pound rope as well as a rubber mat designed for jumping. I’ve downloaded a jump rope app onto my smartphone. The app was free and it provides guided jump roping workouts. I can choose between beginner or advanced training sessions that last anywhere between twenty and forty minutes.

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