Convert plus save this month

If you really want to save currency on how you heat plus cool your apartment have I got a great suggestion for you! You really do not need to have central heating plus air conditioning, however every one of us all have been more or less brainwashed over the years that central heating plus air conditioning is the only way to heat plus cool your whole apartment always.

This is not the case! You can buy a few ductless mini split s, then call your local heating plus cooling supplier to have 1 of their certified heat plus a/c specialists out to your apartment to convert the ductless mini split air conditioning plan into a full blown ductless mini split heating plus cooling plan unit! This will save you a lot of currency on energy use.

I ended up doing this for my apartment plus in the first year of using ductless mini split heating plus air conditioning, I saved a total of 5 hundred dollars within the year on my electric bills compared to the year before when I was running central heating plus air conditioning all the time. There is a major difference in energy use, plus this is something that the electric companies plus the makers of central heating plus s do not want you to know. So I am telling you flat out about it now! Buy a few ductless mini split s plus have them converted to also do heating plus you will save as soon as tomorrow.

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